You've Selected a Mark, Now What?
WATCH to prevent others from infringing your mark
You've Selected a Mark, Now What?
Search to make sure your mark is available
Now Use the Trademark Sentinel Service
Professional and Personal Attention
Now Use the Trademark Sentinel Service
Experienced Trademark Attorneys- Not Legal Document Assistants
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Conduct a Trademark Search


Before applying to register a trademark, it is important to conduct a trademark search. A search will tell you whether your selected mark is available or potentially infringes a third party’s mark and your chances of successfully registering your selected mark. >Order Now

File a Trademark Application

Only $149 (Was $350)
Register your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Registration provides you with nationwide rights and a legal presumption of ownership, puts third parties on notice of your rights, and allows you to use the registration symbol ®. >Order Now
Order a Trademark Watch


Protect the strength of your trademark by preventing others from making unauthorized use of your mark. A trademark watch will alert you to third parties using your mark (or a similar one).>Order Now


A Service of Owens Tarabichi LLP


Our trademark attorneys are the most experienced and reputable of any trademark services website. Our attorneys gained their experience at the most prestigious intellectual property and general practice law firms around. Other trademark product websites simply can’t match our experience. Also, beware: at many other sites, your work is not performed by a trademark attorney but by a legal document assistant. Don’t pay for a legal document assistant to simply fill out forms, get legal advice from qualified mark register attorneys through the Trademark Sentinel service.



We offer a level of trademark service and personal attention not found at other trademark logo registration websites. Trademark law is complex, and only an experienced trademark attorney can help you protect business name and ensure that your trademark rights are adequately and properly protected. Our superior, thorough legal advice is tailored to your particular needs and helps save you money in the long-run. The rock-bottom prices charged by low-cost online trademark websites provide little in the way of value-essentially, they cannot afford to provide you the thorough advice you really need. Don’t get short-changed by low-cost cheap trademark websites that simply file your application without fully appreciating your business.


Our trademark searches are the most comprehensive searches available. All of our searches are performed by the industry leading trademark search companies Thomson CompuMark and CT CorsearchBeware of the searches offered by websites who offer to handle your trademark registration online. These websites conduct superficial searches that are grossly inadequate, often searching for only “direct hits” (identifying only marks that are exactly the same as yours) and often searching only the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s database. These searches fail to identify other relevant marks, such as marks with alternative spellings or phonetic equivalents, that may present a problem after you register trademark. Protect logo design – Don’t pay good money for a bad search, order your trademark search through the Trademark Sentinel service.