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The Trademark Sentinel service was founded in 2008 by Bruno W. Tarabichi and David R. Owens.  Before founding the Trademark Sentinel service, both Mr. Tarabichi and Mr. Owens worked at large, prestigious law firms—first at Pennie & Edmonds LLP and then at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP—where they specialized in intellectual property law and, specifically, trademark law.  For more information on Mr. Tarabichi and Mr. Owens and their legal experience, please view their profiles.

The Trademark Sentinel service was founded to provide trademark services that are first-rate and affordable.  By using the Trademark Sentinel service for your trademark needs such as filing your trademark application, you receive the same level of legal expertise as you would by hiring a high-priced lawyer at a big law firm but at a fraction of the cost.  All services are handled personally by Mr. Tarabichi and Mr. Owens.  Therefore, it is no surprise that the quality of our legal services matches if not exceeds that provided by big law firms.  The best part is that we offer these same quality services for much less than big law firms—generally speaking, at about a ¼ of the cost or less.  For example, filing a trademark application at a big law firm can cost you $1,500–$2,000 or more and that only includes the initial filing–not responding to office actions.

This is also what sets the Trademark Sentinel service apart from competing websites that offer trademark services.  Often, at other websites, the person handling your trademark work is not an experienced trademark attorney.  (Read the disclaimers and fine print on these other websites, and you’ll discover that they don’t provide “legal advice” but “assistance” and they make a point of saying they are not lawyers or law firms.)  By using the Trademark Sentinel service you know that Mr. Tarabichi and Mr. Owens are handling your trademark work and that you are receiving the benefit of their combined 18 years of trademark law experience.  And if you need to consult with Mr. Tarabichi or Mr. Owens by phone or in person, you can.  Because all your work done through the Trademark Sentinel service is performed by attorneys, there is an attorney-client relationship, which means that your communications with us are privileged and confidential and that we have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest.  Our competitors cannot offer you these benefits.

Also, unlike other websites, we offer a full range of trademark services.  We can help you pick a trademark, assess the strength and distinctiveness of your proposed trademark, determine if your proposed trademark is available, prepare and file a trademark application, respond to office actions issued by the Patent and Trademark Office in response to your application, maintain your trademark registration, represent you in opposition and cancellation proceedings at the Patent and Trademark Office, help you enforce your trademark rights against third parties, assist you in responding to cease and desist letters from third parties, prepare and negotiate trademark assignments and licenses, and represent you in trademark litigation.  Please note that due to the complexity of some of these services, you will be required to contact Mr. Tarabichi and Mr. Owens at Owens Tarabichi LLP.  In contrast, other websites may only be able to file a trademark application for you or respond to an office action, which later can leave you in need of a trademark attorney to handle some aspect of your case that they cannot handle.  We can provide you with all your trademark needs.

We strive to understand your business and industry in order to provide you with personalized trademark advice that best meets you needs.  The particulars of your business can and should influence your trademark strategy, and we are here to guide you.

If you are a potential client, thank you for considering the Trademark Sentinel service for your trademark needs.  If you are a current client, thank you for your continued business.



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