Trademark applicants sometimes ask to retain us as their attorneys for a trademark application and ask if they can remain the correspondent.  Pursuant to 37 CFR Section 2.18(a)(7), they cannot remain the correspondent:

Once the Office has recognized a practitioner qualified under §11.14 of this chapter as the representative of an applicant or registrant, the Office will communicate and conduct business only with that practitioner, or with another qualified practitioner from the same firm. The Office will not conduct business directly with the applicant or registrant, or with another practitioner from a different firm, unless the applicant or registrant files a revocation of the power of attorney under §2.19(a), and/or a new power of attorney that meets the requirements of §2.17(c). A written request to change the correspondence address does not revoke a power of attorney.

Accordingly, if you decide to retain an attorney to represent you before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) in connection with a trademark applicant, all correspondence between the USPTO and the applicant relating to the application will be through the attorney of record.

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