Every device that gets connected to internet has their own unique addresses. Internet protocol address is known as IP address. Router also has two types of IP addresses. People should know how they have to be secure while using internet. These details are given on websites for safety of people.

Online websites
As there are IP addresses for router, people can find out about it with best websites. Online websites are providing information on IP address for router. This IP address of router is of two types. First one if private and other one is public. Private IP address for router can be used in home network. Public IP address is for outside world. How to get these IP addresses and where to get required details on IP address is given on online websites. This information will let people add privacy to their internet surfing. Choosing best websites is always important for finding these details.

Router routes entire information to the devices that are connected to it. In home, different devices get connected to router. This is done through private IP address. Getting information on finding this IP address and how to configure it is easy with these websites. Online websites contain different details on these IP addresses. Knowing about IP address and router configuration is very simple. Dedicated websites are providing their services for their readers. Following steps and links given in these websites will lead people to know complete information on IP address for router. These websites are safe as they are maintained by professionals. For finding IP address of router manually, people should follow different steps. They also need to run certain commands. Without doing it they can also go for simple steps from which they can solve all problems. These steps are explained clearly for readers on these online websites.


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