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Christian Kane … Why is he so well known and why do we love him so much? Well, there are definitely many reasons to do so, and we are not referring only to its incredible attractiveness, something that cannot be denied. Christian Kane turns out to be much more than green eyes and a physique totally desired by women and even men, and here we will explain what we mean, but for this, you must continue reading (although we know you will).

This man was born in Dallas, Texas, his father worked in the oil industry, he has a sister and several children, but he is not married. Kane begins his career in the acting and music industry, obtaining his first role and continuing with other roles which he developed without any problem, but decided to try something different: music. But long before this, Christian Kane studied art history in Oklahoma, and from there he left in his truck to Hollywood, where he definitely got many jobs. The definitive role that led him to fame and that stood out in him was like the “flyboy” in a new show of the moment called Fame L.A (1997). However, after 22 episodes this series was canceled. Christian Kane decided to ignore this and began his time with music that same year, where he joined Steve Carlson and started writing songs. Thanks to this, they toured the United States, as well as England and Germany. It is here where they decide to formalize in music and release their first album recorded live in 2000. Here we see that Kane was not only an actor but also a musician and composer.
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