Using and Protecting Your Trademark

There are certain steps a trademark owner should take to protect the strength of its trademark. For example, you should use the ® symbol to let third parties know you have registered your trademark. Also, you should avoid using your trademark as a verb or as the generic name for a product or service, which can result in losing your trademark. Instead, trademarks should be used as adjectives and set off from surrounding text either by being capitalized, italicized, or displayed in a different color. We provide personalized trademark usage advice.

Often, a trademark owner will also have to protect its trademark against third parties. This typically entails having to send a cease and desist letter to a third party that adopts a trademark that is identical or highly similar to yours or having to respond to a cease and desist letter from a third party claiming that you are infringing its trademark rights. It can also lead to full blown trademark litigation. Please contact us if you need cease and desist services and trademark litigation services.