Although expansions from the ears have become more popular every day, we cannot say that they have become fashionable, however that it is obtaining great presence and acceptance in more people.
The expansion from the ears is a process in which a healthy piercing becomes bigger slowly making use of larger ear gauges steadily, this process must be done slowly and gradually and patiently, to avoid tearing the earlobe.

With SOSCENE we offer you the tools you need to make in which stretch have the best possible treatment, and for this we offer jewelry such as:
Tapers: They are utilised to perform your stretch, but they’re not built to be used ultimately because of their fat, unless they are utilised in light supplies such as polymer.
Plugs: Sound pieces that can not be seen through, designed for long-term use.
Tunnels: Available pieces in which accentuate the perforation, can also be used for long periods of time.
Keep in mind that some type of lube is needed while calibrating, and that the very best moment to get it done is when you’ve got just come out of a hot bath because your epidermis will be more supple and more flexible.
Each of the techniques you need to perform ear stretches, acquire ear plug gauges or any other item can be found on the website, where we are able to answer the questions you have about it, additionally we put at your disposal a detailed guide to stretch your own ears in a safe and proper way.
We offer ear stretching kits for all size gauges, from Striking 00 gauge to Twenty-five mm / 1 inch plugs.
Enter our own page and judge from our limitless collection of the best jewelry. Take into account that SOSCENE does not make refunds regarding sanitary factors, we only get it done in the case that we now have sent a write-up different from the one you asked for, and you must also take care to send out it in the same circumstances you receive that.


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