The way of trading has undergone countless changes, throughout the history of mankind. Since the need arose to stock up on products and services to survive, ways to cancel those items were created.
With the advent of the Internet, new faster, more reliable and safer routes for both the client and the entrepreneur emerged arriving at the latest novelty known as NEO Blockchain Platform, the new cryptocurrency.

What is NEO Blockchain?
This blockchain security code is used by means of a smart contract distribution system, which was implemented since 2014. These contracts are nothing other than keys used by computers to carry out transactions between users.
Unlike Bitcoin, the innovation presented by NEO Blockchain is based on the fact that it is no longer necessary to receive validation from the network so that the transaction can be successfully completed. The NEO Coin is an open source model (GitHub) or a platform that promotes corporate development and which can be immediately available.
The purpose of the currency is to promote the Intelligent Economy, using contracts with codes to establish connections between users and digital assets, which are made through Tolerance of Byzantine Delegate Failure (DBFT). Based on Proof of Stake (PoS), NEO And GAS coins are created that are used to verify the negotiations within the network, being distributed by 10% to the followers of the Antshares project, 17% to the members of ICO (Initial Currency Offer), 23% of those participating in the ICO II stage and 50% belonging to NEO, who was responsible for maintaining a control over the price. The number of coins supplied was 100 million and 65 million went into circulation.
To store NEO there are different kinds of wallets. The mobiles are excellent for protecting small quantities. The desktop ones are quite safe since they generate private keys. The webs are simple to use, but not very secure. Hardware (HD) is expensive and very secure.
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