Assume that there are not many people know the impact of using this r-22 refrigerant to the environment. To be honest this little thing actually contributes a lot to the environment. What it means by contributing is contributing in a bad way despite how energy saving it is. Well, before we jump into more details, you got to know first what is refrigerant. Refrigerant is a substance that used in your refrigerator or air-conditioning to keep things around them cooler. Know what type of refrigerant you have in your refrigerator. If it is r-22 you are highly recommended to change it into something better like r-20. Here comes the awesome part. Why this r-20 is better and why r-22 should be replaced today.

r-22 is actually a short form for HCFC-22 or to be named it into something more recognizable which is Chlorodifluoromethane or CFC. CFC is a very dangerous gas to the environment. It is a colourless gas but it is something that should be avoided from being released because it disrupts our ozone layer. Ozone layer protects ourselves from UV light which can be really bad for our fellow friends, the genes. It can alter your gene and make you have a skin cancer. Well that can be something what we say a hard truth but do not worry because we have a better solution for this.
Recently, bluon energy announced their new invention. It is one of the best things ever invented so far. Moreover, it has been featured on World Wide Business and it becomes a hot topic. Bluon created a new refrigerant that is called tdx 20 or r20 that is a better alternative to r22. Okay let’s not just say it is an alternative but a must have refrigerant in your cooling appliance. This thing is more than a just thing. It is cheaper, safer, eco-friendly and last longer which is 10 times better than r-20 which is far more dangerous and less efficient. Anyways who doesn’t like cheap and useful things?


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