Creating marketing videos for mobile devices is not the same as creating TV commercials. There are a lot of factors that must be considered to ensure higher visibility of the videos. The first factor a Video production company London should consider is sound quality. While sound quality is crucial for any video produced for marketing and advertising purposes, it is even more crux for mobile videos. Mobile videos are mostly watched in loud environments. This means that the loud environment can distract viewers from the video’s audio. The quality of headphones or speakers on smartphones may also be poor. That is why it is crux to ensure that the sound in the marketing video is as crisp and clear as possible.

When producing these videos, it is recommended that video production companies should use high quality microphones to capture sound. Most video production companies actually have experienced sound recordists who work to ensure that high quality sound is captured during the filming of the video. Throughout post-production of the marketing video, editors will be able to clear up ambient noises to ensure that the necessary audio is brought out. Where a marketer is considering explainer videos, it is recommended that they invest in a voice artist who will guarantee well-enunciated and clearly audible sound.

Secondly, visuals should highly be considered when creating marketing videos for mobile devices. Visuals for mobile devices should be clear and bold. Basically, mobile screen sizes are not the same. Some screen sizes are small and others are big. In fact, mobile screen sizes are continuing to grow with every release of a new mobile device. But one factor that should be clearly understood is that mobile screen sizes are still substantially smaller compared to those of laptops and desktops. Therefore, an event video production company must ensure that the visuals for their mobile videos are simple and clear.

Thirdly, video production companies must consider the fact that mobile users might turn off sound on their devices. If a mobile user is watching a video in a public place, there are high chances that the person will turn off sound. When creating video concepts for smartphones, video production companies should consider the possible impact of no audio in their videos. If no audio is needed during production, then the visuals must be engaging such that they will have more impact without audio. In such a video, such things as call to action and important marketing messages may have to be included in the video as text.

Fourthly, a training video production company should consider cutting up the video. Rather than publishing a lengthy video on a specific topic, the video should be cut into shorter videos. This factor is important because it addresses the issue of mobile users having the time to watch the training videos because most of them do not always have the time to watch videos on the go. This also makes it easier for mobile users to navigate to specific sections of the video they want to see.


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