Who use sex toys?
A sex toy is used by both male and female. However, the design, size, and shape of sex toys are different for use by male and female. According to the demand varieties of sex toys are available in the Sex toysshops, pharmacies and sex toy parties which can sexually satisfy both male and female.

All the sex toys are categorically divided according to usefulness as follows
• Sex toys for couple
• Sex toys for male
• Sex toys for female
Most of the sex toys can vibrate. However, non-vibrating sex toys are also available. Most of the sex toys are produced to resemble different human genitals.

Where will you get the sex toys?
If you are really interested to shop standard quality and designed sex toys you can buy your desired items from the sex shop, any reputed pharmacy, medicine shop, and pornographic DVD shop or chemist store. In the advanced civilization varieties of sex toys for both male and female are available in almost all countries through the world.

What is sex doll?
A sex doll is a kind of sex toy which is available in the shape and size of a bed partner for helping in masturbation.The sex doll may be available with full body shape or only a pelvis, head with a face or any partial body having accessories such as penis, anus, vagina or mouth. These sex apparatus are used for sexual stimulation. These sexual parts can be vibrated, removable or interchangeable. The intension of sex dolls is to provide sexual pleasure to the user both male and female.

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